Hair is one formal attribute of the God-given crown and glory of your inward beauty….

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Beyond Shoulder Length – How to Achieve Extra Long Hair

In my last article, I shared a few “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair“. These products not only give a wonderfully healthy hair growth boost. They’re also a great addition to the arsenal of extended hair growth from shoulder length to beyond. Now I’ll share some simple tips that are golden in achieving those extraContinue reading “Beyond Shoulder Length – How to Achieve Extra Long Hair”

B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair

So…You’ve been on your natural hair journey for a while, you’ve welcomed the big chop and endured the shrinkage, the awkward “in-between” stages of length and now you’re at or are approaching the shoulder length phase. Actually many naturals rejoice at the shoulder length stage. At this point, you’ve got a good handle and understandingContinue reading “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair”

3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP

Have you noticed that all that great styling is taking a toll on your hair? Are you simply too busy or tired to give your hair the attention it needs? Well, if that’s you…then rest assured you are not alone! In fact, most women have to lend their time to everyone and everything but nowContinue reading “3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP”


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