MEGA GROWTH? It’s Biotin Baby! + BONUS TIP

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Yes…I know…it’s been so long…TOO LONG !

During my unexpected hiatus, I was recovering from a few injuries but I’m feeling much better and I’m so glad to be back…and HONEY, AM I READY to share some great info on the “beloved BIOTIN”. I wanted to add a fantastic BONUS TIP since I was away for a while… that means you gotta read ’til the end ok? …Promise?!

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So in my last article, I said that we’d explore the benefits and side effects of vitamin B7 as well as how to balance/combat them during usage throughout your hair journey.

As I mentioned previously, Biotin is a B-Complex vitamin, a viable source to those who’ve experienced hair loss and thinning. It’s a great addition from time to time for reinforcing the structure of the hair as well as deliver a boost in hair growth for those experiencing a “slow growth phase” each month.

Before we dive into the benefits and side effects…

It’s important to note that vitamin B deficiencies can occur from things such as depression, stress, absorption difficulties, gastrointestinal issues, diet, or other underlying conditions. Any type of vitamin deficiency including vitamin B can create hair fall, nail & skin problems, and even more serious issues like neurological disorders. It’s always important to consult your physician BEFORE taking any vitamins so that your levels, allergies and any medical conditions/issues or medications can be monitored. Also, addressing the cause of hair loss right away may help prevent further or permanent damage. Speak to a medical professional to rule out other causes first before attempting to fix this kind of issue on your own, especially if you are experiencing additional symptoms in conjunction with the hair loss.

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What you put into your body is just as important as what you put in hair. If you want to see your hair reach optimal health and it’s full potential focus on the inside of your body and the benefits will certainly show on the outside.

So if you missed my article on “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair“, continue reading to get the scoop on a little healthy something for the inside and then read that one for a double dose of that B!



Vitamin B7 aka biotin increases growth by stimulating the production of keratin in the hair. The excess of biotin is disposed of through urination. The most beneficial and natural way to get your daily intake of any vitamin including biotin/B vitamins is through the foods you eat.

Vitamins are a great way to supplement your diet, be sure to check with your doctor first (especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any pre-existing conditions) before adding supplements to your regimen to avoid any interactions or reactions.


Did You Know Biotin is an Essential Vitamin?
Yes! You need this micronutrient for your body to function properly.
Biotin helps your body turn the foods you eat into energy.

Hair & Nail Growth Stimulation, aids in thicker, fuller hair and repairs brittle nails
B-Complex (which includes biotin/B7) can help relieve nerve pain, numbness & tingling in the hands and feet. There are claims that it can also help in treating diabetes and MS.


Did You Know That Biotin is Produced in the Intestines?
If you ingest too much you may experience:
acne, skin rashes, upset stomach, insulin release issues, and kidney problems.

Gastritis or other related conditions can cause a disruption in the balance of bacteria in the intestines and may not be able to produce a sufficient amount biotin.

Gut health is so important…the more knowledge you gain about the MICROBIOME, MICRONUTRIENTS AND PROBIOTICS the more you will understand your body and how it reacts to EVERYTHING from the environment to food. In this, you’ll be one step closer to not only manageable, healthy hair with maximum density based on your genetics (that btw, doesn’t take an entire day for maintenance up-keep i.e. deep conditioning, detangling and styling, etc.) but OVERALL OPTIMAL HEALTH…YES PLEASE!


Did You Know Balancing is Simple?
Regardless of which brand you choose, there’s two essential factors to balancing biotin that can reduce minor side effects like acne breakouts and upset stomach.

First, drink PLENTY of water. Your body needs to stay hydrated but it also helps immensely with filtering as your body breaks down this supplement.
Second, cycle on and off, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off, you can implement this regimen a few times per year as needed.

Unless you have a medically documented deficiency,
please be mindful of the risk of long term usage.

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Worried about high levels of biotin while it’s a part of your regimen?
As mentioned earlier, excess biotin is excreted through your urine.

If you have high levels of biotin and have experienced hair loss or other deficiency symptoms, this may be an indication that your body is not absorbing it properly. Consult a physician.

Soooooooo that was…interesting right?

How about something FUN?!

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So, if you just need a little pep in you hair growth step try these

All Natural Vegan Supplements!

BIOTIN by Global Healing $24.99
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BEAUTY BUNDLE by Global Healing $70.00
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Boosts Hair and Nail Growth
Soothes Blemishes and Dry Skin


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Ok so you got the 411 on BiotinCHECK
Got two fantastic supplementsCHECK

In my next article, I’ll share with all of you lovelies how to transition without a big chop, using two different options all while growing your hair out at the same time.


As always, I greatly appreciate your time in reading my article(s). I hope you’ll stop by for the next one ; )

Stay Safe…Stay Sweet…Stay Beautiful.

All the best,

Natasha Nicole
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