Beyond Shoulder Length – How to Achieve Extra Long Hair

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In my last article, I shared a few “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair“. These products not only give a wonderfully healthy hair growth boost. They’re also a great addition to the arsenal of extended hair growth from shoulder length to beyond.

Now I’ll share some simple tips that are golden in achieving those extra long tresses you’ve been longing for.


Stop cutting you hair…Trim your hair once or twice a year ONLY IF needed

Uh oh! I’m going against the grain with this one!

Against the norm…opposing the “standard”…the breaking of hair rules 101…you get the point : )

Traditionally, it is understood that you should trim your ends every 1-3 months…you know, to get rid of those “dead ends“. This practice needs to be abandoned if you’re not doing hard core heat styling often or if you’re not upkeeping a particular style…like an A-line Bob for instance.

However, if you are attempting to grow your hair to a length you haven’t known before then you’re mostly likely not overdoing it with packing on tons of products, doing heavy styling or applying the tumultuous…dreaded…heat. Therefore, there is no reason to cut off ends that are not being abused by stressful hair care handling. IN FACT, just avoiding these harsh practices alone will cause your hair to grow…you don’t want to cut off all your hard work and progress do you?


Tip #2
Wash your hair often…yep, another hair rule broken…

Well, rules are meant to be broken.

Break the mold.

It is not uncommon to keep a protective style in for days, weeks or even months on end.

Hopefully, most will properly maintain their styles but some just let it ride…This is will leave an open door to BIG TIME breakage.

I have talked about this quite often in my articles…moisture, moisture, moisture!

It is key and an essential part to you hair care and will make or literally break your hair if you don’t moisturize your strands.

I recommend washing your hair twice a week, lightly moisturize with my previous product suggestions or your preferred oils, creams and leave-ins…and we can’t forget the deep condish, check out my article,”5-Step Deep Conditioning Method for Hair Restoration + BONUS TIP” for a mega boost in moisture filled lush and super soft locs.


Tip #3
Opt for Finger Detangling…Give your Comb and Brush a Break

I know, I know…some of you out there looovvveee the super, sleek look.

Nothing wrong that sis, BUT we’re on our grind here. This part of the journey is not for the faint of heart. It’s going to require some dedication.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret…your regimen is about to get easier with a lot less time!

Oh yes, I said it.

And how you might ask???

Well, you’ll find with these tips, the more you moisturize and the more you let your hair sit and grow, the easier it’ll be to handle and detangle because you’re actually caring for your hair more often.

It’s no longer the “set it and forget it” with protective styling. You are building a well invested relationship with your tresses and you’ll soon start to see the elongated benefits from all this new found attention : )

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Don’t go against the natural state of your hair.

It’s meant to curl up…it’s meant to kink up.

Embrace your natural God-given beauty of your hair type.

It’s Versatile and Unique.

Even with similarities NONE are exactly alike.

Finger detangling accentuates that uniqueness while being gentle on the hair. As you wash your hair more often, you won’t need a comb or brush to get rid of tangles while tearing extra strands out unnecessarily.

As long as you are not allowing your hair to sit for extended periods of time. You can avoid using a comb or brush to detangle all the hair shedding that has built up over the course of this time.


Use Caution with Jewelry, Bobby Pins or Fabrics

These everyday miniscule things are not often given a second thought. However, these little nuances can work against your hair growth progress.

For instance, jewelry can snag your hair pulling it from the root. Bobby pins can do the same and actually even worse depending on how tight of a grip it has on your hair strands. Fabrics with holes or wool/knitted sweaters and even car headrests for example, can tug at hair ends, causing breakage.

I suggest incorporating a super cute silk scarf that you can wear or wrap your hair with or drape over things like headrests to prevent your hair from getting caught and snagged.


Tip #5
Leave-In Sprays Are Your Friend

Regardless of how you choose to style your hair or what products you use. Leave-In sprays are your friend.

Don’t think of leave-in sprays as something that is a part of your styling but rather a maintenance product.

Shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in sprays are on the baseline…that is the standard basic level of hair care.

BTW, Leave-In Sprays…not leave-in conditioners

I’m making the distinction because LICs are heavier and will cause build up along with counter-acting or interacting with your styling products in a way that may not be pleasant; such as a white film on your hair from the ingredients not agreeing with one another.

Leave-In Sprays (LISs) are traditionally water-based and will be a great lightweight addition to packing on the nutrients and proteins your hair needs while creating a protective moisturized layer for maintaining your hair growth progress without the build up.

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

Wow, that was a lot of info!
But we made it : )

Incorporating these 5 simple and easy tips of how to achieve extra long hair beyond shoulder length will not only create a mindful regimen helping to not only protect your progress, but will also become increasingly easier to care for you hair during wash days. It will be easier to recover from any thinning or hair fall you may experience as a result of heavy styling or DHT imbalance. And will leave you with more manageable hair overall.

With that said…are you ready for another GEM..another nugget of hair goodness?

In my next article, “MEGA GROWTH – It’s Biotin Baby!” We’ll discuss the benefits of this B-Complex Vitamin that aids in regrowth of hair loss and thinning. As well as what the side effects are, how to balance them out and combat them throughout your hair journey.

Photo by Justice Hubane from Pexels

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

I hope you’ll join me back here for more of my posts on healthy hair care regimens, hair growth, maintenance, and restoration as well as hair care tips and products for any price point.

All the best!

Serenity by Natasha Nicole, LLC


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