MEGA GROWTH? It’s Biotin Baby! + BONUS TIP

Welcome and hello! Yes…I know…it’s been so long…TOO LONG ! During my unexpected hiatus, I was recovering from a few injuries but I’m feeling much better and I’m so glad to be back…and HONEY, AM I READY to share some great info on the “beloved BIOTIN”. I wanted to add a fantastic BONUS TIP sinceContinue reading “MEGA GROWTH? It’s Biotin Baby! + BONUS TIP”

B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair

So…You’ve been on your natural hair journey for a while, you’ve welcomed the big chop and endured the shrinkage, the awkward “in-between” stages of length and now you’re at or are approaching the shoulder length phase. Actually many naturals rejoice at the shoulder length stage. At this point, you’ve got a good handle and understandingContinue reading “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair”

3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP

Have you noticed that all that great styling is taking a toll on your hair? Are you simply too busy or tired to give your hair the attention it needs? Well, if that’s you…then rest assured you are not alone! In fact, most women have to lend their time to everyone and everything but nowContinue reading “3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP”

2 Great Styles to Encourage Hair Thickness + BONUS TIP

Are you struggling with hair loss? Are you tired of not having full vibrant hair? Whether you have fine, medium or coarse hair texture, your hair density which on average is about 2200 strands per square inch sheds normally at a rate of approximately 50 to 100 strands daily. This means that what may lookContinue reading “2 Great Styles to Encourage Hair Thickness + BONUS TIP”

Top 5 Deep Conditioners Under $3 for Black Hair

Deep conditioning is the method of using a revitalizing conditioning product on your hair with the use of heat to penetrate your strands. This type of conditioning treatment should be a thicker formula than that of your regular hair conditioner and is made to be more concentrated; making its way deeper into the hair follicleContinue reading “Top 5 Deep Conditioners Under $3 for Black Hair”

Top 3 Best Conditioners Under $10 for Black Hair

In my first article, I discussed the Top 5 Best Shampoos Under $10 for Black Hair. After a good cleansing, it’s important to restore moisture stripped from the hair while removing buildup. Choosing the right hair conditioner is essential in reducing strand friction making it easier to manage and style which lessens hair & scalpContinue reading “Top 3 Best Conditioners Under $10 for Black Hair”

Top 5 Best Shampoos Under $10 for Black Hair

Whether you choose to rock braids, weaves/extensions, half/full or lace wigs, relaxers or natural…and for that matter super natural i.e. dreads. It is important to have good products to achieve and maintain the best health for you hair and scalp for the level of styling you do. This list is my recommendations for rebuilding hairContinue reading “Top 5 Best Shampoos Under $10 for Black Hair”