3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP

Photo by Marlon Schmeiski from Pexels

Have you noticed that all that great styling is taking a toll on your hair?

Are you simply too busy or tired to give your hair the attention it needs?

Well, if that’s you…then rest assured you are not alone!

In fact, most women have to lend their time to everyone and everything but now can incorporate these 3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth!

Yup, that’s right in just 3 months you will see your hair strands respond to the TLC I’m about to share.

Please note: If you have any underlying conditions, your hair growth, thickness and hair health can be affected, I recommend speaking with your primary doctor to be referred to the proper specialist.

RECOMMENDATION FOR UTILIZING THESE TIPS: This is made to focus on hair growth; it is important to not be counterproductive while trying this method. I recommend NO high maintenance styles during this time period. High maintenance equals high tension/high stress on your strands which can cause breakage, thinning and stagnate the growth process.


The Quick Wash

Wash your hair twice a week – Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

Grass can’t grow without water and neither can your hair. Hair thrives when it’s in a moisturized state and there’s no better way to promote hair growth than to restore hydration.

The Quick Wash is using a small amount of shampoo applying throughout and then applying a small amount of conditioner applying throughout…

If you find that you are having scalp irritation then reduce hair washing to once per week and use a spray bottle with water to refresh, spritzing lightly. Apply a small amount of oil or cream to your hair, finger detangle and use a low maintenance style.

You can find great products options from my previous articles, “Top 5 Best Shampoos Under $10 for Black Hair” & “Top 3 Best Conditioners Under $10 for Black Hair”.

For an even more intensive moisture packed regimen you can choose from the “Top 5 Deep Conditioners Under $3 for Black Hair” and if you have some extra time to spare you can pair it with my “5-Step Deep Conditioning Method for Hair Restoration + BONUS TIP”.


Diet and Hair Vitamins

Internal benefits will shine through externally

The body is an amazing mechanism. It is naturally designed to regenerate itself. What makes mountains out of mole hills is being counter-productive. This counterproductivity oftens times reigns supreme in the area of your diet which determines the amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body receives to keep you healthy. Surely, underlying conditions can show in a variety of ways including the effects it has on the condition of your hair and skin.

Naturally detox your body by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. It may seem like a no brainer but eating clean by replacing toxic superficial sweeteners like high fructose with natural sugars like the ones found in fruits will not only add superior health benefits in stabilizing insulin levels and fat reduction but will also contribute to a natural energy boost and good gut health.

Having balanced meals & healthy snacks, sufficient water intake (which varies per body type) and a good 2 for 1 multivitamin that contributes to hair growth benefits as well as provides the additional essentials vitamins needed per day, will not only have you feeling great but looking great as well.



Scalp Massage Stimulation

Here comes the increase!

An increase in blood flow contributes to better circulation when you massage your scalp. This is a hair growth technique that is often overlooked. Yes, getting a massage feels great, actually the ones that benefit you the most can oftentimes be a bit painful. BUT when it comes to your scalp, when done properly you should be in heaven from the immediate relaxation.

We hold a lot of tension in our shoulders and necks among other areas of the body. This can sometimes lead to tired, achy, tight muscles or even worse…muscle spasms and headaches.

These ailments relate to a decrease in circulation and may affect your hair growth progress. It’s no wonder why people who do the inversion method see rapid results…because they are increasing blood flow to the scalp.

Here’s the thing…I’m not promoting the inversion method because some people with underlying conditions or are scalp sensitive/prone to headaches can encourage headaches and pain behind the eyes due to gravitational stress from being upside down.

A safer and more comfy method is in massaging the scalp which relaxes the body, releases stress and helps to promote hair growth. You can use hair oils and masks for added scalp & strand absorption.


Here are two important notes about scalp massaging:

1- Studies have shown that there is a significant increase of hair cycle growth progress after only 4 minutes of scalp massage per day over the course of several weeks. Also scalp massaging increases hair thickness 24 weeks after initiation. Massage 1-3 times per day or you can choose the amount of repetitions that works best for your schedule and suits your comfort level.

2- There are areas containing important nerve endings so you can always opt for a day of R & R at the spa and have a professional do the work for you. BTW, you need to be careful not to rub your scalp too hard, as this can cause irritation, especially in using shampoos or conditioners with any type of peppermint or spearmint component.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We’re on our way to promoting hair growth…
Now it’s time for a…



Whether you prefer oil or cream when styling, using multiple leave-in sprays will not only further promote moisture levels but will also replenish nutrients & vitamins in your strands which will give a mega boost to your hair growth progression.

(Available online, WalMart and at local beauty supply stores – prices may vary)



Sooo, you’ve got a good arsenal of products, regimens and tips… hmm, ok, ok we’re getting there : )

Let’s continue building with B12.

Oh yes, the GEM…B Vitamins…the game changer

and it’s coming up in my next article, “B Vitamin Products for Healthy Hair“.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

BTW, have I told you how awesome you are for taking the time to read my post?!

Yes, I THANK YOU very much…

Time is precious and it’s of the essence and YOUR TIME is valuable, so I appreciate you sharing that time with me in reading my articles : )

I hope you’ll join me back here for more of my posts on healthy hair care regimens, hair growth, maintenance, and restoration as well as hair care tips and products for any price point.

All the best!

Serenity by Natasha Nicole, LLC

Published by Serenity by Natasha Nicole, LLC

Licensed Cosmetologist with 21 years of experience working with a wide array of hair types...curl patterns and textures, as well as my own natural hair journey over the past several years. Providing Pro Advice & Healthy Hair Care Regimens for Hair Growth, Maintenance, and Restoration with Hair Care Tips & Product Recommendations for Any Price Point.

4 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Promote Hair Growth in 3 months + BONUS TIP

  1. You offer some great tips, Natasha Nicole! Thanks for sharing. I stopped with relaxers several years ago. It’s been a hit or miss with certain products that were recommended to me but some of your recommendations are very noteworthy! The messaging technique is indeed relaxing. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Hello Kym, thanks for your kinds words! Yes, I stopped relaxing many years ago as well : ) The hair journey is definitely a learning process but the key is knowing your hair — Does it absorb moisture easily or is it usually dry/not keep moisture in…things like that will help determine what works best for you. Please feel free to let me know if you have hair issues that you’d like me to address… I’d be happy to provide an article with product recommendations and a regimen specifically for your hair type : ) All the best – thanks for the support I appreciate it!

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